Health Risk Assessments

Increase adoption with custom HRA solutions

Improve HRA completion with a seamless workflow that can be integrated into all enrollment channels.

Contact Sales

Fully Configurable

Capture the insights you need

Adjust the layout and content of your HRA form to meet your specifications.

Required questions & consent language

Branching logic

Availability windows

Support multiple languages

Integration Options

Choose the HRA workflow that works best for you

Illustration of HRA integration options
SunFire Platform

Start your custom HRA directly from the SunFire enrollment success page.

Standalone Portal

Link your users to a stand-alone SSO portal where they can complete your HRA form.

Drop-in Widget

Customize a fully white-labeled solution you can drop into your own enrollment tool or CRM.

Illustration of performance report map of the United States

Holistic Reporting

Get clarity with detailed reporting

We’ve built a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools to help you harness platform data.

Total eligible HRA enrollments vs. HRA submissions

Submission trends

Agent and partner performance

Many more options