SunFire provides transformative and proven technology solutions to support the ever-growing Medicare landscape. Our seamless and compliant software plays a critical role in providing health and financial security to over 50 million seniors. As a mission-driven company, we are deeply passionate about improving the lives of the senior community.


Cloud Computed

SunFire collects and distills data from 80+ insurance carriers, offering 1300+ Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. Based on the customer’s personal information, SunFire identifies the ideal plan with the lowest annual cost to enroll your customer in real-time.

Since working with SunFire..."Our per-agent enrollment averages increased, our production increased, our cross-contracting increased – it all went in the right direction and has since doubled year-over-year!"

— Matt Graham, YourMedicare

SunFire's innovative technology provides a time and cost efficient experience for agents and consumers by reliably distilling complex data and processing it into a simple, easy-to-navigate solution.

"Through SunFire…we were able to build one integration which gave us access to multiple carriers. This approach, and SunFire’s capabilities, literally saved us hundreds of hours of meetings and development time."

— Jordan Fleuriet, Assurance

SunFire's comprehensive platform has enabled hundreds of partners to seamlessly grow their businesses while ensuring that millions of seniors are enrolled in the right plans for their personal needs at the lowest annual cost.

SunFire partners with leading Carriers to provide seniors with health plans best suited to meet their personal health needs.

Our team has access to nationwide providers to ensure all options are available.