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A purpose-driven team, dedicated to the senior community

We’re a fully-remote, 150+ strong team of doers who are committed to improving the senior healthcare space (and having fun along the way).

Careers at SunFire

100% distributed, 100% committed

SunFire is a fully remote company. Our employees hail from all over the United States, but we work together every day to make great things happen for our partners and clients.

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SunFire Cares

Dedicated to improving seniors’ lives

Each year, SunFire employees select charitable organizations to support and promote, that are making an impact to seniors across the US.

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Decades of experience serving senior health markets with technology.

Meet the entire company

David Graf


Kevin Waldman

President / CFO

Jenna Amster


Aaron White


Ben Miller


Charlie Philip

EVP, Technology

Mission & Values
Be Real

Be your true, genuine, most authentic self. Exist and operate from a place of strength and own your actions and decisions.

Communicate Authentically

Listen to and share all ideas, solutions, and knowledge. Be direct, engage and develop a mutual sense of candor, honesty, and respect.

Operate with Integrity

Put your best foot forward and deliver on your promises. Do the right thing even when no one is watching and take responsibility for your actions.

Be Collaborative

Above all, we’re a team. Collaboration spurs innovation which leads to meaningful outcomes. We’re powered by recognizing each other’s strengths and collectively working towards our shared goals to achieve greatness.

Make a Difference

Believe that your contributions will enhance the lives of others. One action leads to another, so be bold and take action! Be inspired to make an impact through your talents, passion, and hard work.

Instill Trust

Be honest, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. Know that it’s okay to make mistakes so long as you learn something from them. We trust you, so trust in yourself to do what’s best.

Embrace Change & Growth

Seek out, embrace, and get (un)comfortable in knowing that you’re on a journey that is constantly changing, evolving, and improving. We’ll always support you in your personal and professional growth.