Industry-leading technology and customer service

SunFire was purpose-built to create a more seamless, reliable enrollment experience for agents, brokers and customers alike. We back it up with a 24/7/365 dedicated support network.

Designed by Agents, For Agents

We listen to feedback from agents and add features to meet their needs. SunFire has the most powerful, feature rich toolset available. We also offer channel specific versions of the platform for call center and field brokers.

Cloud Based Architecture

SunFire provides a uniquely resilient and reliable platform (up to 4x faster than the competition). The use of auto-scaling means there is no degradation in service even at the busiest times of the year.

24/7/365 Service

All customers have access to our hotline, serviced continuously throughout the year, day, or night. Senior members of our team are on call to address any issues, including ones your support team can’t address.

Open System Design

Our solution can be integrated with virtually all your agency’s in-house systems; meaning you can push customer data into the quoting platform, implement single sign on, and push data back to your CRM.

Easy & Intuitive

SunFire’s platform is built for simplicity and ease, supported by a robust online FAQ library that includes topical and streamable training videos.

Industry Leading Features

SunFire remains committed to developing features that improve both the quality of enrollments and the consumer experience. Whether it's our e-signature options or Shop-By-Doc, SunFire is committed to moving the industry forward.

For Agents & Customers

Features That Makea Real Difference

Shop-By-Doc allows agents to enter the customer's doctors and see the network status across all plans.

Full suite of e-signature options including text for signature is often a faster, more convenient option to complete an enrollment or scope of appointment.

NOTIFICATIONS allow agents to receive updates on enrollments (especially useful when not completed in-person) via the 'Notifications' panel in the system, with both email and text.

Plan X-Ray is used to quickly access personal benefits, highlights, plan overview, doctor/hospital coverage and additional plan coverages all in one, easy-to-understand view.

Carrier approved plan data assures that data used by SunFire is carrier sourced and carrier approved each season.

Ready-To-Sell processing offers the option of automating the entire, ever-changing carrier Ready-To-Sell data, increasing reliability, enhancing compliance and reducing cost.

Preferred pharmacy finder includes a simple-to-use mapping tool that makes it easy to find savings at preferred pharmacies by plan.

LIS Calculator enables customers eligible for extra help to automatically adjust the premium and co-pays to reflect their actual out-of-pocket costs for each plan.

Best-in-class e-Commerce capability optimized for senior usability, converts at 3x the rate of competitors.

Saved session codes, meaning collected drug and health information, needs to be entered once and is saved in perpetuity, even if customer enters data online.

Comparisons vs. current plan enables customers to compare rates and benefits of their current plan with those of upcoming plans.

One, consistent enrollment flow that streamlines the experience for agents and customers alike.

"SunFire's e-signature capabilities have significantly reduced handle time for all our agents."

— Agency Manager